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Fully accessible, enclosed ground blinds connected by miles of groomed trails.

If you've reached this page, that means you're probably considering applying for a fulfilling getaway on the Wheelchair Whitetails property. We'd love for you to join us!


All hunts are conducted on our private, 529-acre property in Florence County, Wisconsin, just west of Niagara, Wisconsin, and just south of Iron Mountain, Michigan. Bordering the property to the east, south, and west are thousands of acres of public land. Within these vast woodlands are maple-covered ridges; alfalfa fields; food plots; beautiful ponds; meandering streams; dense cedar bogs; and, of course, a healthy, thriving deer population.

We're glad you're thinking about hunting with us. Continue reading our frequently asked questions to help you prepare for a guided hunting expedition with Wheelchair Whitetails.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When do hunts take place?

A: Hunts are conducted generally from mid September to early November.  All hunts begin on Thursday at noon and end by noon on Saturday.

Q: How much does a hunt cost?
A: There is no cost for our hunts. You are simply responsible for your transportation and hunting license.

Q: How do I apply for a hunt?

A: Please complete and submit our application. Hunts are generally filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Decisions on hunters selected are entirely at the discretion of Wheelchair Whitetails, LLC.

Q: What does a typical hunt look like?
A: A typical hunt agenda is as follows:

  • Thursday: Arrive in camp by noon, practice shooting crossbow, evening hunt, dinner & relax.

  • Friday: Morning hunt, lunch & relax, evening hunt, dinner & relax.

  • Saturday: Morning hunt, depart by noon.

Q: Are the grounds wheelchair accessible?
A: Yes, our goal is to make hunting accessible for wheelchair-bound hunters. A groomed trail system provides easy access to 15+ wheelchair-accessible ground blinds.

Q: How big are the hunting blinds?

A: Hunts are conducted from 6'x6' wheelchair-accessible ground blinds - comfortable for a hunter and a helper..

Q: How do I get to the ground blind?
A: We will transport you to/from your blind in wheelchair-friendly transportation.

Q: What weapon may I use on my hunt?

A: All of our hunts are conducted with crossbows only.  We can provide a crossbow if you don't have your own.

Q: Do I need to bring my own hunting equipment?

A: We can provide crossbows, shooting rests, portable heaters, ozonics units, and other equipment.

Q: Is this a high fence hunt?

A: No! These are fair-chase hunts on private property. That means free ranging deer and no fences!

Q: What type of deer can I expect ?

A: There are good bucks in the area, but don’t expect to take a trophy buck on this hunt. We will discuss expectations in advance, including which deer — bucks and does — are eligible for harvest. This will vary from season to season, as the deer are managed for long-term sustainability. We may also have landowner doe permits available.

Q: What if I successfully shoot a deer?

A: If you do harvest a deer, it will be field dressed for you to take to your butcher of choice.

Q: Will my helper be able to hunt?
A: No, your helper is your spotter during the hunts, and your baggage handler in the camp!

Q: What if I have never hunted before?

A: No prior hunting experience is necessary. Hunters must have a valid Wisconsin deer crossbow license. Go to or any DNR retail partner to get your license. You do not need a special disabled permit for this hunt. 

Q: Are meals and lodging included?

A: Lodging and meals are provided at no cost. You will have access to our comfortable, modern, fully accessible cabin.

Q: May I bring a friend?

A: Yes, each hunter is required to have one companion/helper along for general assistance.

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