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You just might discover something bigger.

Testimonials From Wheelchair Whitetails Hunters

We've hosted hunting groups from several U.S. states and Canadian provinces. Our guests come from diverse backgrounds. Many are experienced hunters, and some are not. Some were born with physical disabilities, while others suffered severe injuries from accidents that changed their lives instantly. But most of our guests share a common story: They're trying to rediscover one of their favorite pastimes, or maybe even something more.

At Wheelchair Whitetails, we aim to be a quiet getaway for tired souls, an accessible outdoor playground for disabled hunters, a haven for beginners to discover the thrill of the hunt, and a happy retreat where new friendships can be formed. Steve and Kristi Nooyen believe in the power and love of God, serving others, and sharing the beauty of His creation displayed in Wisconsin's north woods and the animals that live there.

Here are a few stories of past hunters who experienced a great hunt, and maybe even something more!. You can also see photos of our cabin, property and past hunting expeditions.



"Very early on, I realized that this trip had nothing to do with me learning how to hunt. Some time ago, I had lost my way with the Lord. I have no reason to not believe in the Almighty, but, for whatever reason, I always seemed to be distancing myself from Him. I often have anxiety about when I (or anyone) may pass: What happens if there is no eternity and the lights just go out? Is that it? I think about that a lot.

The good Lord is constantly giving signs, letting me know that He is there. For whatever reason, I'm always brushing off those signs. I mean, I'm not even bitter about being born with a disability. I'm grateful, and I have been grateful since I was a young adult. I was made this way for a reason.   

What you have up there is absolutely beautiful and extremely serene; it really is like a slice of heaven. I realized during the first hour of being in the blind that I was there for so much more than my first hunting experience. The joy I felt in that moment, knowing what was going on in my heart and soul was absolutely amazing. I couldn't contain my emotions.


I hope you find this note uplifting and that you'll have me back next year. As I mentioned in the card that I left on the table, your ministry is working, even if others don't express it in this way. And I am forever grateful."


"Last year during the first week of November, I, along with two friends from Challenge the Outdoors, Inc., was invited to participate in the final bow hunt at Steve Nooyen’s Wheelchair Whitetails in Florence County. And what a fun experience it was!


We left Green Bay on Thursday morning, full of anticipation. The further north we traveled, the snow increased, making traveling the north country even more interesting. The Wheelchair Whitetails property is very secluded, with a long entry road meandering through mature maple trees and bordered by thousands of acres of Marinette and Florence County public land.

After getting settled in the very comfortable, accessible lodge, we received an orientation of the land via aerial maps. We even got a few practice shots with crossbows at varying distances, and then we set out for the evening hunt. Steve took us out to the blinds with a cool and brisk UTV ride. We were amazed at the number of deer we saw.

After seeing plenty of deer on Friday, including a few smaller bucks, we agreed that Saturday morning was “fill a tag time.” We woke to a steady snow.


After about an hour in our blinds, a nice doe appeared on the trail in front of me. After waking up my camera man, I took the shot. The deer made a giant leap and disappeared. After texting Steve, he came to look for the deer. Steve tracked the deer through the thick brush and heavy snow, and determined it was not vitally wounded. He said my partner had also shot a doe, so he picked us up and took the three of us back to camp. He changed into lighter clothes to track the two deer.

After about four hours, a very wet and exhausted Steve returned with my partner's doe and determined that I need to spend a little more time judging distances with a crossbow.

Steve an Kristi put on a five-star deer hunt. We could not have asked for better accommodations, even with two wheelchairs and a mobility scooter. Everything was accessible. You can really tell Steve put a lot of thought into the blinds, designing something that anyone can use no matter his or her individual challenges. I personally learned a lot on the hunt, and, even though it was a bow hunt, it kind of felt more like a retreat."

We are truly blessed to have people like Steve and Kristi Nooyen who choose to inspire persons with disabilities to dream more, do more, and learn more in our great outdoors."

Dave & Mike

"I wanted to take some time to thank you both for your outstanding hospitality during our recent visit to your 'sanctuary in the woods'. It was an experience that we will hold close to our hearts for a lifetime. Your attention to detail and passion toward your land, your deer herd and the accessibility to your hunters are amazing. The accommodations and meals were excellent, as well!

We shared our appreciation for what you do, both during and after the hunt. It also allowed us to reflect on how fortunate we are, to have servants of the land , such as yourself, who are willing to give of themselves and to others. My only regret was that we did not follow your recommended guidelines in the blind, and that we did not successfully harvest a deer. Hopefully the doe will survive.

That said, we had the time of our lives and wish you both nothing but the best in life's journey. Keep the faith and passion of your mission!"

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